Real Food Reset: Day 3


Today's Feature Meal: Miso Poke Bowl

An abundant bowl with miso marinated tofu, antioxidant black rice and plenty of colourful vegetables for a filling, protein rich and high-fibre meal.


How's Your Real Food Reset Going?

This is the point where it gets a little harder to stick to. And perhaps there are some temptations floating around you, or even some intrusive thoughts of giving up.

But you can do this!

Take some time to reread the intentions you set on day one and remember why you are doing this in the first place. Also remember how amazing you will feel after five days of wholesome nourishing plant-based food.

And you have three more days of entirely new food to enjoy!

If you are feeling like you want something sweet, feel free to enjoy some fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt, very dark chocolate, and my favourite - peppermint and liquorice tea.

Proud of you!

– Liv Kaplan, IKU's resident Nutritionist and Health & Wellness expert