Real Food Reset
What's inside?

Real Food Reset

Welcome to IKU’s Signature Real Food Reset. It's a 5-day, 15-meal plan featuring some newly created dishes by resident Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Expert Liv Kaplan paired with some classic IKU favourites.

IKU has and always will be a celebration of eating well to live well. That’s why we focus on using ingredients from nature to make food that nurtures — without doing harm to you or the planet.

This reset is designed to either kickstart your wellness journey, re-stoke the fire, or simply just to take the pressure of deciding what to eat off your plate.

We’ve designed this meal plan to be 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, low in sugar, and free of preservatives and additives.

What’s included is five days of nourishing powerful plant-based food that will flood the body with nutrition and allow you to feel satisfied and energised.

Get ready to feel revitalised and refreshed, bouncing into Summer with simple healthy habits in tow.

Includes 3 x Coconut Chia Pot and 2 x Sprouting Bread with Scrambled Tofu.

The Benefits
The 5-Day Meal Plan

What you get inside

Includes 15 meals