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Featuring functional ingredients that promote energy, immunity, skin and gut health.

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20% OFF Our Signature Real Food Reset

Kickstart your wellness journey with five days of nourishing, powerful, plant-based food.

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Want to look after the earth? Lunch is a good place to start.

Plant-rich food delivered to your door. Free delivery for orders over $100 in Sydney Metro, otherwise $14.99.

Let's Eat

Food you feel good about. Inside and out.

“Stock your fridge with wholesome meals, thanks to IKU's new, very tasty, meal delivery service”

“IKU continues to be a champion of local producers”

“Australia’s original plant-based eatery, IKU, has launched an online meal delivery service, so you can ‘eat your world better’”

“More than 50 healthy and sustainable dishes in eco-friendly packaging”

What’s on the menu?

With more than 50 vegan dishes, our menu is as packed with feel-good meals as it is with flavour.

Introducing the Real Food Reset

Make it easier with a meal set

Our curated sets can help you meet your dietary goals or simply take care of your dinner decisions for you.

What's in it

This reset is designed to either kickstart your wellness journey, re-stoke the fire, or simply just to take the pressure of deciding what to eat off your plate.

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Real Food Reset

A 5-day, 15-meal plan created resident Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Expert Liv Kaplan.

What’s in it

We’ve found some of our most popular menu items from the last 35 years and brought them all together into one box — full to the brim with flavourful best-sellers.

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Best Sellers Set

Not sure where to start? Try a selection of all-time IKU favourites.

What’s in it

Low in sugars and saturated fats, this selection celebrates one of the three key macronutrients and nourishes your body along the way.

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High Protein Set

Protein-rich, plant-based, nourishing and nutritious. It’s a strong choice.

What’s in it

The meals in this set are teeming with antioxidants and aimed to have you feeling a little more energised and invigorated each day.

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Antioxidant Booster Set

A set packed with antioxidant ingredients to leave you feeling radiant and energised.

For the love of food

Food drives us wild. It’s our obsession.

We’re always thinking and tinkering, researching recipes and ways to push plant-based dishes to delicious, nutritious new places and keep you excited about eating your world better.

Keeping it real

What we eat can change how we live, so why not live well?

Our meals are carefully nutritionally balanced to look after the wellbeing of your body, brain and taste buds. No additives, no preservatives, just real vegan food for better living.

Made better together

Looking after the planet (and your palate) for more than 35 years.

Since starting our first plant-based eatery, we’ve inspired people to eat well for both their bodies and the earth. Wherever possible, we work hard to reduce our environmental impact and support our community in doing the same.

Let’s Eat

The tastiest way to give back to the earth.

It doesn’t matter how well we live if we’ve got nowhere to do it. We proudly pledge to protect the planet and our future through a range of education, action and donation initiatives that support traditional, sustainable farming practices.

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Eat your world better with IKU.

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