Real Food Reset: Day 5


Today's Feature Meal: Coconut Chia Pot

A refreshing low sugar and low carb bircher for a flavourful and light breakfast to energise you for the day ahead.


Well Done On Completing Your Five-Day Plant-Based Reset!

By now your cells and gut bugs are thankful, filled with vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and more.

You’ve probably learnt something about yourself this week, since a little circuit breaker to our normal diet brings our awareness to things, we are unaware are part of our routines. This may be when you reach for boredom snacks, how a healthy breakfast sets you up for a great day, how a nourishing dinner helps you fall asleep without discomfort, or anything else you may have noticed.

Take some time to plan how you can maintain this revitalised feeling moving forward, and how you can keep some of these healthy habits.

Happy eating!

– Liv & Team IKU x